What’s in the bag?

Our bags contain carefully chosen ingredients and high quality fresh produce together with inspiring recipes. The bags are put together for you to easily cook and enjoy four delicious every day dinners.

In our bag you will always find:

  • inspiring, well-planned and easy to follow recipes
  • everything you need to create a delicious meat, fish, poultry and a vegetarian meal
  • fresh, high quality seasonal vegetables straight from the producers market – fresher than the supermarket
  • chemical-free and free range chicken and meat
  • pre-portioned ingredients to save time and reduce waste


What’s not in the bag? 

Although our dinner bags contain the vast majority of ingredients you need to cook all your meals, there’s one or two items you’ll need to supply yourself.

To avoid filling your shelves with items you most likely already have in your pantry and  that are needed only in small quantities, we’ll send you an email in advance with required items not supplied with the delivery.

We refer to this list as our pantry item list. Typical pantry items include salt, pepper, olive oil, cooking oil, milk, butter and vinegar.