“Everything is perfect… I love this food company. It’s the best I have experienced after a long line of trials. Thank you for the freshness, ease of recipes and most importantly, a healthy variety of food. Keep up the good work!!”

Tina, Mt Waverley

“I LOVE Dinner Sorted! The dinners are a real hit. The WHOLE family hovers in the kitchen to see what we are about to eat and they are all enjoying the taste sensations & variety.”

Bridgette, Mentone

“Nick and I would like to thank you for revolutionizing our food lives. Not only are we saving buckets of money, but we are eating better than we have in a long time, and my husband is slowly learning how to cook! We love your service and are so glad a friend put us onto you! I also know another of my friends has started getting the boxes too after I pestered her for weeks! We all love it!”

Alex, Box Hill

“Made my first meal with Dinner Sorted last night. It was delicious and even the kids loved it… that doesn’t happen a lot. I was surprised how relieved I felt when I got the bag, no more what to have for dinner or arguments – I want this or I want that. You get what you get and you don’t get upset. Such a great idea for healthy home cooked meals. Makes life so much easier.”

Christina, Port Melbourne

“Absolutely LOVE the meals.”

Rachael, Nunawading

“Lunch Sorted today, using the left over from last night dinner. Yum!”

Cyrina, Kew

“Love, love, love this. Nightly grief around dinner; planning, shopping, lugging, prepping, then too tired to eat. Solved! Healthy and delicious meals, variety and ease. Dinner Sorted is wonderful for busy people.”


“House is a mess but dinner is sorted! Our very first Dinner Sorted meal: Delish fish with quinoa tabbouleh, 2 serves made enough for mum, dad and miss toddler.”

Olivia, Hampton

“First delivery today and after a full day at work dinner is sorted. Thanks ladies, I am very impressed”

Alison, Parkdale

“We have just eaten the Smoked Salmon and Vegetables Fritters with Feta Cheese. They were delicious! My fussy 9 year old had two serves as did her dad. Thanks Dinner Sorted.”

Cindy, Beaumaris

“Thanks Dinner Sorted! You have made my life as a first time mum a lot easier.”


Before I started using Dinner Sorted, I used to spend hours on the weekend planning the following week’s meals, then shopping for them, when all I wanted was to spend my weekend doing other things that I don’t get to do during the week because we both work such long hours! If I had a busy weekend and couldn’t spare the time to plan and shop, I would go to the supermarket and grab something on the way home from work, when I was tired and grumpy after a long day at the office. I would always end up buying something very uninspiring that we eat all the time or we would get takeaway. Both expensive and not necessarily the healthiest options!

When I heard about Dinner Sorted through a friend at work, I decided to give it a go. Wow. What a fantastic service. We haven’t looked back. I now never have to think about the evening meal until I’m about to cook it as Dinner Sorted delivers easy to follow recipes and all the ingredients every Monday. Better still, the meals are prepared and cooked in around 30 minutes.

Carol – Beaumaris

I first heard about Dinner Sorted at the Bright n’ Sandy Food & Wine Festival. Straight away I loved the concept of having all the ingredients together with delicious and healthy recipes delivered to my door each week.

It seems like such an indulgence to have pre-planned meals with all the fresh produce and ingredients, measured and ready, and a set of cooking instructions delivered, however it’s actually saving us rather than costing us money.

Best of all, my teenage daughter Izzy has taken over most of the cooking, which gives me time to relax and take the dog for a walk after work, instead of having to run to the supermarket.

Donna – Hampton

“I LOVE Dinner Sorted! The dinners are a real hit. The WHOLE family hovers in the kitchen to see what we are about to eat and they are all enjoying the taste sensations & variety.”

Bridgette, Mentone