Why should I choose Dinner Sorted?

We take some stress out of your everyday life by planning your dinners. Our recipes are delicious, balanced, healthy and wholesome. We are a local Melbourne business supporting local producers. We source and select the best fresh produce from the Melbourne markets or directly from local farmers.  We deliver to your door the same day in the right quantity to simplify your cooking and avoid wastage.

Ingredients & Cooking

Ø  Do I need to have any ingredients at home? The week before delivery, we will send you a list of the items you need to have at home (we call them pantry items). We don’t include them as they are used in small quantities and would fill up your cupboards very quickly. Example of pantry items are the basics such as salt, pepper, oil, butter, vinegar, soy sauce, flour and milk.

Ø  Where do you buy your fresh produce from?  All fresh produce is sourced direct from local/Australian producers (rarely imported) on the day of delivery. We don’t buy fresh produce from the supermarkets.

Ø  We are five people in our family. Will there be enough food? The serves are generous and measured to cater to adults. Many of our customers have said that the 4 person bag is enough for a family of two adults and three children. In future we may add an option for 6 adults if there is a demand, so please let us know if this would suit you better.

Ø  Can I freeze the meat and fish delivered to use another time? Yes, all products are purchased fresh direct from supplier, hence can be frozen and used later. It is recommended to move from freezer to fridge for defrosting the evening before you plan to cook the meal.

Ø  When can we find out what is in next week’s delivery? We send out an email to our customers with the menu for next delivery well before the cut off for placing/suspending/cancelling an order. You can also find next week’s menu on our website.

Ø  Can I get a box with only vegetarian / gluten free meals? Our dinner kits currently consists of a balanced combination of four meals consisting of red meat, poultry, fish/seafood and vegetarian meals. There are two options to this menu; Classic, where most meals are served with rice, pasta, noodles or potatoes, or Low Carb – where we substitute any white carbs with wholemeal or vegetables.

Our Low Carb option can be made gluten free on request.

In addition we have introduced a 5th meal which can be added for a 5 dinners menu or alternatively to swap out one of the 4 meals.

We don’t currently offer a fully vegetarian option.

Ø  What if I don’t like some of the recipes in next week’s delivery? You can choose to swap one of the four meals for the 5th optional meal. Alternatively, you can suspend the delivery if the recipes don’t appeal to you (or for any other reason). To suspend a delivery you need to notify us by responding to the email we send you or on our contact page on the website by 2 pm the Wednesday prior to the delivery.

Ø  How accurate are the weight of the ingredients? We allow for no more than +/- 10% variation.

The Delivery

Ø  How long will it take until I receive my first delivery from when I place my order? We deliver every Monday. You can find our next delivery date on the order page on our website. Order needs to be placed on our website by midnight (11.59pm) Wednesday the week prior to the next delivery.

Ø  Is there a delivery fee? No, delivery is free.

Ø  Where do you deliver to? We deliver within 20km radius of Melbourne CBD as well as 20km radius of Cheltenham (where our kitchen is). Note that we also deliver to work places, so if you don’t live in an area where we currently deliver, also check for post code where you work. If we are not currently delivering in your area, we are likely to in the future. Please send us an email or give us a call as we will start delivering to a new area as soon as there is sufficient demand.

Ø  When is the box delivered? Currently, all deliveries are made on Mondays between 12:00 noon – 8:00pm. We aim to finish all deliveries in time for dinner around 6pm, however, sometimes this is not possible, hence the later delivery window.

Ø  What if I am not home when you deliver? Will the refrigerated ingredients be ok? All the refrigerated items are placed in a styrofoam box with ice to keep the temperature for hours if you are not home when we deliver. The delivery driver will ring your doorbell. If no one opens the box will be left by the front door, or in the designated area requested by you during the order process. Responsibility for the food after delivery is in your hands.

Ø  My box has not been delivered. What do I do? We endeavor to always deliver within the window stated above and never after 8pm. However, at times our drivers may be delayed in traffic and your delivery might be a little late. Please call or email us if it has not arrived and we will investigate and discuss a refund or credit to your account.

Ø  Can I have my bag delivered to my work place? Yes, provided it is in an area where we currently deliver.

Subscriptions & Payment

Ø  How do I know that my credit card payment is secure? Your credit card details are securely stored by eWay – Australia’s major third party gateway. We don’t keep those details on our site. All transactions take place through Westpac Bank Merchant facility.

Ø  Can I pay by cash or card on delivery? No, all payments are made by credit card on our website (or over the phone) prior to delivery.

Allergies & Special requests

Ø  I have an allergy; Can Dinner Sorted be tailored to suit? Can I get gluten/dairy free meals? Upon special request the Low Carb option can cater to gluten free meals. Also, as most ingredients are delivered separately you can chose to omit certain ingredients. However, if there are serious allergies, we urge you to be aware of the risk of cross contamination.

Ø  I am a vegetarian, is there an option for me? Currently, each bag contains one vegetarian, one chicken, one meat and one fish or meat, with the option to swap one meal out for a fifth optional meal. We don’t currently offer a complete vegetarian option, however if the demand is there we hope to be able to provide this in future. Please let us know if you are interested.

Ø  Can I substitute a recipe for another? Yes, we are currently offering a 5th meal for this purpose or if you would prefer to have all five meals that is also an option.