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Menu of 3rd of February 


Choose between Classic and Low Carb

The Classic menu is perfect for the family with meals that both adults and most kids will love. You’ll receive a selection of meat, chicken, seafood and vegetarian dishes, served with potatoes, white or brown rice, pasta or other grains. Always with plenty of delicious vegetables.

The Low Carb option has the same delicious meals, except  the high carbs. They are replaced with low carb options for you who want to eat healthier with more greens and avoiding high carbs such as pasta, white rice, normal potatoes and bread.

To give you more choice we have added a fifth meal which you can either replace one of the first 4 meals with or you can add for a 5 meals box (at an additional cost of $20 for 2 people and $37 for 4 people, which will be charged in a separate transaction. Just make a note under special instructions at check out).

* Photographs of meals are for illustration only and some ingredients may vary.

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3 Meals Option 

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