Hi, I’m Karin Timuska, the owner of Dinner Sorted.

Dinner Sorted was launched in 2013, when the concept of a make-it-yourself dinner delivery service was almost unheard of in Australia.

This is how it all started

I had recently returned to Melbourne after a five-year stint in my birth country, Sweden.

It was wonderful to be living in Sweden. My children were eight and ten at the time; my days seemed to whizz by in a flurry of activity. Life was great, except for one thing – I never seemed to be able to get dinner sorted.

On my way home from work, day after day I would have that sinking feeling as I thought, “OMG…what are we having for dinner tonight?”

That’s when I discovered a new home delivery service with a twist, meal kits delivered to your door.

All the ingredients needed for the week night dinners, delivered straight to my door, easy-to-follow recipes and delicious new menus every week. It seemed too good to be true!

The concept was perfect for a whole host of different households. From professional couples working long hours, to families with young children or families with older children busy with the evening run around, like mine, the concerns were the same.

They wanted to be able to provide a variety of delicious and nutritious meals, but lacked the time and energy to follow through, often resorting to takeaways or ready meals instead.

Returning to Australia, I was determined to make this concept available to the people of Melbourne.

The process started with menu planning which involved developing a wide variety of options based on seasonal ingredients to suit all tastes. Some of the Dinner Sorted recipes are developed in consultation with chefs and nutritionist; some are sourced by ourselves.

Next there was the sourcing of ingredients. I believe the key ingredients for every nutritious meal is freshness so it was important to me that our meals would comprise as much locally-sourced produce as possible.

The dinner bags needed to be packed in premises that would allow a safe, quick and efficient turnaround, so we needed to find a kitchen that would meet our specific requirements.

And finally, we took the time to employ a network of friendly and professional delivery personnel who would get the job done with no fuss.

Today Dinner Sorted is a thriving business operating out of a commercial kitchen in Melbourne’s south east.

What began as a simple desire to help others serve healthy meals for their families, has turned into an opportunity to make quality meals easily accessible to everyone.

The Dinner Sorted Difference 

At Dinner Sorted, we’re committed to keeping our food milage low so your family can enjoy the health benefit of fresher food.

The majority of the produce we buy is grown in Victoria. It’s purchased direct from the farmer, or at the market every Monday and brought back to our premises in Melbourne’s south east, where we pack our dinner bags and deliver them straight to your doorstep the same day.

With Dinner Sorted, you’ll love:

  • cooking with locally-sourced seasonal ingredients delivered directly to your door
  • treating your family to a wide variety of delicious dinners
  • discovering new foods you haven’t tried before.